Anna Rubin

( Allée Marais)
06400 Cannes
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The antique Dutch carafe (16th century) symbolises the eternal presence of timeless beauty and inspiration. I imagine how many people lovingly and carefully used this filigree vessel to drink wine or maybe to compose exquisite still life paintings. It reminds me of the glass objects in Van Dyck’s or Frans Hals’s paintings.

On my travels I always search for unique objects of art and beauty to collect and include in the composition of my paintings.

The time I visited Holland, many years ago this antique carafe was one of my precious finds.

When recently I found a 14th century original Dutch Masters frame it seems utterly natural to paint a traditional Franco – Flemish or Dutch School Still Life for this gentle embrace between the Artwork and its embellishment…I composed it n the oldest Palazzo in Oltrarno, Florence, in the glorious Palazzo Ridolfi.

Genius Brunelleschi worked on the Duomo here, in the next room from my studio…If only these walls could speak…The antique objects of beauty certainly are in the right place here.

They continue telling and living their story in my painting surrounded by their contemporaries but in the new age of 21st century.

The gentle morning light was making its way through the sleepy shatters of the ever so still Palazzo, I put the precious carafe with fresh water and the pomegranate I got myself for breakfast on the stony window bench…

The beauty and tranquility of the picture, the play of light and reflections stunned, hugged me and held me in peaceful embrace then and still do now when I am in presence of this modern Masterpiece which immortalises the glory of silent Palazzo, crystal clarity of antique glass and juicy, full of life giving sweetness of fruit, the peaceful, meditative conversation between past, present and the future…

Anna Rubin